Panna cage
On the park is also a football cage available. Young and old can enter into the fight with each other!
Basketball and volleyball
There is also the option of basketball and volleyball. The recreation team will also organize a number of basketball and volleyball matches.
Table tennis
This sport is very popular at the park. There are a number of table tennis tables. There are regular tournaments played.
Jeu de Boules
The most famous variant ' Petanque '-is a challenging competitive sport, requiring skill, concentration and team spirit are central. This sport is very suitable if activity during your holiday with your family or friends to practicing it. You do not need to be an accomplished individual athlete. If you want to try how this mix of exciting matches, humor and social contacts tastes, then come play Jeu de Boules.
Pool billiard/pool table
In the Youth Centre is a pool table. There can be a game of pool in each season played by the youth. In the Pavilion there is a pool table where each visitor can challenge each other to a fun game of pool.
Both in the Youth Centre as in the Pavilion are dart boards available. After a delicious meal you can relax by a game of Darts.