Park regulations

A. Identification, acceptance

1. the user should always be able to identify with a valid identification such as driver's license or passport and if requested to leave a copy thereof, including the appropriate name and address and if possible a telephone number and email address.
2. The administrator can before undertaking an agreement with user, request a recent revenue overview to query user.
3. The administrator can without further reasons not (longer) accept the user as a client.
4. The administrator is responsible to the Government officials to hand over personal data to its disposal. 

B. Authority, determination, modification or addition to the Park rules

1. Related to the nature and by the company intended standing and appearance of the park is in setting  of the General provisions Parc De Eese determined that there will be passed to establishing a Park rules for the benefit of the park.
2. The company has the authority to modify or supplement the set Park rules in order to preserve and/or improvement of the nature, standing and appearance of the park by notarial or private deed, this to reasonableness and fairness.
3. In the event of determination of a modification and/or supplement the Park rules as referred to in the previous paragraph, the Company is bound  to announce in writing the park rules such as they are after the modification and/or supplement to each user.
4. Making known will be done via publication on the announcements board and website, additional the administrator can choose to have the new version to be sent to the user, as well to hand it over to a new user.
5. The rates of the price list are mandatory fees, which rates including amendments & additions are considered integral to be registered in this park rules. 

C. Operation Park rules

1. Every user is obliged to comply with the Park rules. All obligations, which in these rules are imposed on a user also apply to as much as possible for a visitor,  family member, guest, and other user present in the Park.
2. Every user is obliged to impose compliance with Park rules to his family members, guests and other users present in the Park.
3. Each user is responsible for complying with the Park rules by his family members, guests present in the Park.
4. The administrator is not liable for damage and/or personal injury to goods and/or persons, residing in the Park.
5. The user remains fully and irrevocably liable for all damages caused by the user or caused by the user to other people's property and/or to the General facilities. 

D. Visitors scheme & rental

1. Commercial use (rental in the broadest sense) of your recreation unit is without written rental agency agreement with the administrator/owner always prohibited.
2. Visitors Scheme; visitors who will be visiting at you (user) at day visit are your guests and these visitors are welcome for free.
3. Non commercial use: where there is an overnight stay for non commercial use (family and acquaintances,) then these visitors have to pay a night fee per night per person to the administrator. It is possible that you can also “surrender” it for a period of one calendar year: of these visitors settlement-see price list.
4. Long term rentals (LT): owners of chalets/mobile homes which intend to longer term rental need to ask in advance written permission to the administrator. (with presentation of a model lease agreement). A potential tenant first has to be presented to the administrator including copy ID or driver's license and an intake form to be filled in truthfully and signed by the tenant and the administrator. If after filling out this intake form shows that this is filled in incomplete/incorrect, then this can have removal of the park as a consequence, owner is responsible for all costs which the park makes such an expansion.
5. Administrator can refuse potential LT tenants without giving further reason. Fee payable to administrator: after intake and on acceptance of the single-tenant (see price list). At lease to third parties owner meets to the park € (see price list)per month.
6. Owner shall be responsible for payment of the local taxes.
7. Long term rental:
8. Owners can choose to deposit the entire rental process at the administrator: a. finding a tenant, b. screening thereof (the administrator does not give warranties), c. collecting the rent, d. monthly record of the energy meter readings and making the reckoning. For finding a tenant by the administrator there is a one-time Commission owed large one (1) month's rent (intake fee included). The monthly fee amounts to (see price list).
9. Prohibition:
10. Without the written permission of the administrator, all other use is prohibited and or rental in advance as well as offering to hire or use of the leisure unit via newspaper, internet, booking agencies, market place. By violation (s) of said provisions your risking prompt removal of the recreation unit at the expense of the owner.
11. The park administrator can these and other schemes such as the park rules always customize or extend.
12. Tourist tax: user must surrender the registration in the interest of the tourist tax and per expiry of each quarter incl. the payment to the administrator.
13. Park rules: each visitor is obliged to live up the park rules, combined with the General provisions.
14. The user is obliged the hand over the visitor a copy of the Park regulations and general rules. Each user shall be deemed to transfer knowledge of the Park rules and the General provisions.
15. The user must, prior to give in use its Leisure unit to third parties, State the name and address of the third user to the administrator, as well as of the period in which this use takes place.
16. The rates of the price list are mandatory fees.
17. The giving in use of its recreation unit to third parties does not relieve the user of the fulfilment of its financial or other obligations to the administrator.
18. If a user violates the above mentioned in this article then the company or the Administrator has the power to deny the user to the use of the General facilities.
19. In violation of park rules users and visitors can be removed of the premises, after which their may be denied further access. 

E. Purchase & sales recreation unit

1. If a user of a plot intends to sell his/her plot/recreation-unit than the user is allowed to take this themselves or leave it to a broker and or administrator, though he is obliged to notice the administrator of the Park of this intention in writing.
2. Sale and purchase of a recreational unit to a third party requires written permission of the administrator if the third party wants to take over the rental plot, or involving a rental plot at the park.
3. Without the written permission of the administrator, there can be no legal agreement and delivery on the park of a recreation unit.
4. Placing sales, signs of brokers, or such expressions is not allowed. Presentation of the properties should take place in consultation with the administrator.
5. In order to preserve and/or improvement of the nature, standing and appearance of the park is a recreational unit only after written consent of the administrator allowed on the park.
6. For trading or changing a recreation unit the owner/consumer/purchaser has to pay a one-time compensation. The amount is included in the price list, which is separately attached and forms part of these regulations.
7. For the arrival or removal of a recreational unit on/of the park the user has to pay a fee once. The amount is included in the price list of employment.
8. A potential buyer can in no way claim the rank and/or rental agreement. Transfer of the lease only comes about after written agreement by the administrator and the fulfilment of the mandatory fees as appear from the price list.
9. Of recreation units older than fifteen years after first use, can in case of sale or defective, condition/maintenance can permission for further stay on the park denied by the administrator. The cost of removal are accounted for by the user. 

F. Order Provisions-General

1. Every user is kept to respect the privacy and tranquility of the other users of the Park.
2. All use on or in plots, recreation units for the cultivation, production and whether buying or selling hemp or otherwise narcotic products is prohibited, under penalty of immediate removal of the park under payment of all costs involved. (an accusation will always be done by the administrator)
3. At offensive behavior and/or exploiting of prostitution and/or incitement to that end (also "lover boy behavior") is strictly prohibited under penalty of prompt removal of the park under payment of all costs before that. (an accusation will always be done by the administrator).
4. Without the written consent of the administrator is a user banned:-to put up goods (including drinks or foods) for sale in the Park;
-to make propaganda for any purpose or advertising for any product;
-to make signs, posters and such in plots and/or on the recreation unit;
-to enter the plot of another person entitled (subject to permission of the relevant copyright holder) or the landscaping of the Park;
-to tap water of his plot .
5.     It is not allowed without the consent of the administrator of the park area, including the parking lots, using radio, television or other audiovisual equipment or musical instruments to play outside a recreation unit in the Park. The sound of audio-visual equipment shall not be heard outside their own recreation unit;
6.     Obstacles, including tents, has to be removed before sunset.
7.     It is forbidden to behave in such a way between the recreational units, to play football or to play another game, that thereby windows and other fragile object will be at jeopardy.
8.     Blankets and other bedding material may only be aired visible from sunrise to noon.
9.     The user remains responsible at all times for fulfilling all the obligations, arising from the park rules.
10.  Without prejudice to the provisions of this regulation, each user is required to comply with the regulations of the municipality in which the park is located and/or other government regulations.
11.  Each user is allowed to place a housing unit only at the park after written permission by the administrator.
12.  It is each user is prohibited to remove a housing unit of the park if the user still has outstanding debts on whatever account to the administrator.
13.  It is a user not allowed to object to the operation of the Park or against the operation of Park located catering facilities, in broadest sense, including making objection at the municipality in which the park is located and other government agencies and courts.
G. Order Provisions-Traffic

1. A user without the consent of the Administrator is prohibited:

a. to come with a truck or other large vehicle in the Park;
b. to stable vessels and partisans in the Park (whether or not on site);
c. to park cars and other vehicles in the Park, other than on the designated parking spaces. On each plot intended for individual use can be up to one car be parked on the appropriate place;

2. On the entire area is a maximum speed of ten (10) kilometers per hour. In the determination of violation of this policy, the administrator has the right to let the vehicle place outside the Park, or to ward off.
3. Indicate direction of travel from the signage should be followed. It is forbidden to enter the not paved roads with motor vehicles and the paved roads on the area with prohibition signs. The administrator can give derogation from this rule.
4. In the event of an emergency (for example, where ambulance help is needed), the administrator can grant permission to ignore the prohibition signs.
5. It is not allowed to cycling on the grass. This prohibition does not apply to those who have been given by a decision of the Administrator of this exemption and on children aged up to six years.
6. Only on the paved roads should be driven with a vehicle/cycle whether or not fitted with an auxiliary motor (hum/mopeds and such), however – where applicable and possible-without enabled engine (up to ten (10) kilometers per hour).
7. It is not allowed on the (entire) area, including the parking lots, to give maintenance to car and motorbike, such as oil changes and other repairs to be made, which would normally take place in a garage.
8. Without the consent of the administrator on the (parking) area of parked objects (for example caravans) will be removed without any warning on behalf of the user or the one that has stored or parked the object.
9. To drive against the direction of travel is prohibited, also for the exits. In this way providing an opportunity to persons on the park can lead to a direct access refusal for all parties involved.
10. A user is obliged to provide his cooperation to the administrator, if that should be necessary, when placing a recreation unit on another plot.
11. All damage to property of the user which is an immediate result of the above, will be restored by the person responsible at this person expense or reimbursed to the owner (s) of the sold.
12. Parking: at the numbers 1 up to 199 is a parking space, at number 200 (tracking field) parking is not allowed, at numbers 201 up to 235 and numbers 254 up to 280: parking is allowed if provided enough place, at numbers 236 up to 253 parking is not allowed. Visitors have to park on the large parking lot. 

H. Order provisions – garden and green, pets, mailboxes

1. Without the consent of the administrator-it is user prohibited to navigate from the pond/water feature located in the Park, or to fish or to use in any way.
2. Without the consent of the administrator it is not allowed to dig up or remove trees, large shrubs, large bushes and hedges.
3. Every user is obliged to maintain the garden on his plot. If maintenance incl. trees pruning at the discretion of the administrator or carried out inadequate or too strong deviating from the General look of the park allows the administrator to carry out necessary maintenance after a written warning, or even decide to remove the recreation unit, the costs are always to the user.
4. Spraying of plants and crops with pesticides is not allowed without permission of the administrator.
5. Spraying the garden is allowed. The administrator can set rules and give instructions regarding to spray the garden.
6. Placing boundary dispute, fences, hedges and such should can only take place with written approval of the administrator. Only boundaries in the form of hedges and shrubs are allowed and may never have a greater height than two meters, with the understanding that boundaries, hedges and bushes on the side of a road or path in the Park are allowed to have a height of one hundred and fifty centimeters up to a maximum op one hundred and eighty centimeters, per 30th of January user must ensure that the boundaries do not exceed the maximum height. If user has not see to this provision after 30th of January, the administrator can decide to (let) bring the boundaries to the correct height at the expense of the user.
7. From 01-Oct 2012 is planting of conifers concerning conditions of flammability of this shrub no longer allowed, the existing conifers may still remain, but if you need to replace them than other less flammable shrubs need to be planted such as beech, Laurel, yew, etc.
8. The administrator can give further guidance with regard to the planting, removal, heights and maintenance of boundaries, hedges and shrubs.
9. The outsourcing of garden maintenance to third parties is not allowed without the written permission of the administrator
10. The use of a rotary lawn mower and other noise causing machines is not allowed before ten o'clock in the morning and after eight o’clock in the evening. The aforementioned use is completely prohibited on Sundays and public holidays. The administrator shall be entitled to specify different times when use of Rotary lawn mower or other tool can be made.
11. The visibility of to dry hanging laundry from the roads and paths is not permitted from Saturday afternoon starting at one o’clock till Monday morning eight o’clock thereafter. Clotheslines are not allowed, though a drying rack or drying mill, which should be removed immediately after use.
12. The administrator can set rules regarding the preservation, collection and disposal of household waste. In addition, the administrator can set rules and instructions regarding collecting and storing garden waste on the area, such as faggots and the like.
13. Pets are allowed subject to conditions. Outside the recreation area of the user should dogs be kept on a leash, cats must be held within the boundaries of the recreation area of the user.
14. The administrator will hold keys available  to the user for the mailboxes on the Park against the receipt of a deposit to be established by the administrator and further by the administrator to establish annual (costs) fee. 

I. Order provisions – plot/recreation unit

1. The user is not allowed to use the recreation unit for selling food or drinks or for exercising a business or job.
2. It is not allowed by attaching flags, posters or otherwise to give expression to a particular State or church or other preferences including sport manifestations and expressions, or sales subject to consent of the administrator.
3. Washing cars and other vehicles on or near the plot is never allowed.
4. Without the consent of the administrator it is not permitted to change the outside of the recreation unit (including the roofing), including change of the colors.
5. The recreation unit and the garden serve to be kept in good repair.
6. Each user will refrain himself from activities that brings any pollution in the Park to soil, groundwater or stalling.
Furthermore, the user of a plot ensure that his plot in the Park and the whether or not standing mobile unit remains in a hygienic environment condition. If, for example, by his acts or inactivity pest nuisances arises he will be to respect vis-à-vis the Administrator and he is liable for all damages resulting. If the user fails to comply with a written summation of the administrator to the nuisance within a reasonable period of time to undo, the administrator is entitled to do what is reasonably necessary for the termination of that nuisance at the costs of those negligent user. The administrator is allowed to give instructions regarding to the removal of asbestos-containing building materials, costs are at all times for user.
7. For cooking and heating purposes can only be used of the existing networks of electricity or propane gas.
8. From fire safety and environmental considerations it is strictly prohibited to stir up coal, wood, oil and the like in the stove or otherwise.
9. Open fires in and outside the recreation unit are prohibited, including releasing "wish balloons".
10. Use of a barbecue and fire pit is allowed provided that: there exists never a risk of skipping fire and will be at least five feet away from hedges, trees, shrubs, tents, chalets and other matters and the heat source is unattended and that there will be a fire extinguisher present and there will be at any time (smoke) nuisances to local residents and the fire remains within the heat source and the user is responsible for direct and indirect damage.
11. For infringement of any provision of this park rules the damages that will occur from this all costs will be recovered from the owner of the recreation unit where the offense took place.
12. Testing of the installations, inspection thereof, recording of meters and meter readings should always be allowed to the administrator or to designate a person or institution by this. Costs of maintenance and inspection to the premises of the recreation unit are for the user.
13. It is user forbidden to commit a repairs or maintenance to the measuring equipment for the use of gas, water and electricity. The measuring equipment are the property of the administrator. 

J. Municipal ordinances & ban of permanent residence 
1. Permanent residence of a recreational unit is not allowed, the year around use is.
2. Users should not act in such a way that his act pursuant to the law (municipal administration) requires registration at the address of the park in the municipal personal records database of the municipality, in which the park is located.
3. In the adopted zoning plan 2013 of the municipality Steenwijkerland is the maximum size of a recreation at 70 m 2, including up to one (1) possibly annex which itself may not exceed a maximum of 6 m 2.
4. Storm water drains should not be connected to the sewer, if it turns out that there is a connection then the administrator may remove this at user's expense.
5. For all the transgressions and/or penalties user is responsible, where the administrator or the park is approached by third parties including Government and or semi government for violations of user or by user, the user is held this cost plus the direct and indirect costs to reimburse to administrator prompt. 

K. Sanctions

1. The user who:
a. the provisions of these regulations or fails to comply with or violates the decisions of the Administrator;
b. is guilty of indecent behavior towards the other users;

2. can both orally and in writing by the administrator on his negligence be pointed out where user per repeated violation a fine of seventy-five euro (€ 75.00) owed to the administrator.
3. If one or more of the conduct referred to in paragraph 1, after once again are pointed to by the administrator, committed or continued, then the administrator can decide:
a. to denial of the use of the Park and the General facilities (including explicitly are the roads, trails and (infrastructural) facilities);
b. to take out gas, water and electricity.

4. The administrator will have to inform the denial of the use to that user by sending a writing in which the raised objections are listed.
5. Except that there is an undue behavior underlies a denial that the immediate denial, will a decision on denial of the use may be put into effect no earlier than after the expiration of one month after the dispatch of the notification referred to in paragraph 3. Job on the right waives the implementation of the denial on, on the understanding that the suspension is lifted and the denial runs when the right unites itself with this denial, even though has interested the possibility the judge's ruling in appeal or cassation to dispute.
6. The user who are financial obligations towards the administrator does not comply, in whole or in part owes – after he defaulted in respect of his has been made in written notice – to the administrator an interest on the overdue amount of one percent (1%) per month or portion thereof, as long as no proper payment has been made, without prejudice to all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs, which the collect in 3 of the claim by the Administrator will be made and borne by the relevant User will be charged. In addition, the administrator with respect to the user who are financial obligations towards the administrator does not or not entirely competent to comply with:

a. to denial of the use of the Park and the General facilities (including explicitly are the roads, trails and infrastructural facilities), where the administrator has the right of disposal cost ad two thousand euro (€ 2.000,00) per user, to let the recreation leisure unit of the user to be removed from the park;
b. to take out gas, water and electricity, which costs large five hundred euros (€ 500,00) are on behalf of user. The costs of any reconnection of sewerage, gas, water, cai and electricity amounting to five hundred euros (€ 500.00) are also on behalf of user, this particular taking into account of what has been made in that regard in the above paragraphs.

7. In the situation that the User his financial obligations towards the administrator for a period of no longer than 18 months has complied with in whole or in part, the administrator shall enter into force in favor of a lien on the appropriate recreation unit in operation. On the basis of this pledge, the administrator has the right to remove and/or to be auctioned by way of execution the recreation unit. With the sale proceeds will then (taking into account any mortgagee (s) and pledgee (s) earlier grade) at the first to be used for payment of the outstanding receivable plus the cost of removal and sale, after which the excess shall be paid to the user.

L. Powers of the administrator.

1. The administrator can waive in written under conditions to be  determined by him of banned who in this regulation are determined for a period of time.
2. The administrator shall have the power in individual cases to deviate from this Park regulations; None of the other users can derive any right to this deviation.
3. In all cases not covered by these regulations will be decided by the administrator.

M. Rates

1. Administrator is authorized new rates regarding park contribution, rent, provision of services, cost, calculation of standing charges, calculation of (municipal) taxes and Government levies in the broadest sense of the word, to fix and/or change. Prices and/or changes will be made available through the reception of the park and are callable. User can break her lease at significant price changes per effective date of the price change.

N. Arrival and departure at rent of tourist plots and recreational units

1. User can involve a rented recreation unit on the agreed day of arrival between 15.00-17.00 hours. The key is to user handed over after the complete payment including deposit is met and user agrees with the park rules.
2. User needs to leave the Recreation Unit on the agreed day of departure before 10: 00 am. User must provide the key and any related business should be returned to the Administrator. The user also should report any damage and indemnify and/or defects to administrator.

O. Cleaning at rent of tourist plots and recreational units

1. User is obliged at the end of the stay to leave the recreation unit and its interior, damage free, clean, neat and tidy behind. Instructions by the administrator and/or administrator appointed employee (s) or third party must be followed by user. If the recreation unit is not left correctly behind the user owes a compensation payable to administrator.

P. Deposit upon booking tourist plots and recreational units

1. User is obliged to pay a deposit which is agreed in the (rental) agreement and or price list. This is to be achieved within the prescribed period. User is responsible for checking the inventory list. If things are missing, or show damage or not function properly, the user must report this immediately upon arrival to administrator.
2. If the lack of inventory, damage (n) and/or deficiencies are not remedied before 17: 00 on the date of arrival at the Administrator's disposal, have been reported by user then they are accepted as being in good condition, at any faults detected afterwards, can user be kept responsible by administrator, and user shall meet the damage prompt. This can - if sufficient - the deposit be withheld.
3. After it has been established by Administrator that user did complied the provisions of the (rental) agreement correctly, and the recreation unit has been correctly in accordance with article O and has complied with all provisions of this park rules correctly, the Administrator will refund the deposit within a period of 14 working days to User.

Q. Bookings at rent of tourist plots and recreational units

1. In the event of wrong booking (s)/double booking (s) by Administrator, the administrator, will, if available, a replacement leisure unit of a similar level (if available), offering to user.
2. If no replacement recreation unit is available, the Administrator will return the already received rent + deposit to user within 3 working days. The (rental) Agreement shall then expire. Administrator is subject to gross negligence on its part not be liable for lost use (enjoyment) or other consequential damage of any kind.


A. PROPERTY OF GUEST PASSThe guest pass remains the property of Parc De Eese BV (hereinafter referred to as Residence de Eese) and is strictly personal. Residence De Eese can reject a guest pass without giving reasons, block, or seize the pass. Residence de Eese also reserves the right to change the program of the guest pass-or to terminate in its entirety.

1. Access to the park (barrier control, deposit of this is € 30,00).
2. Access to swimming pool and or toilet building. (no deposit)
3. Operating the Waste Moloks
4. Access of various rooms at Residence de Eese.
5. Youth pass on which only after permission of the parent (s) a limit can be opened, parents must sign a consent form on which the financial limits are determined.
6. To order and the ability to get accounts in our catering facilities.
7. The expenditure on account will be billed to you on a weekly basis. The invoices must be paid within 8 days or you can use our collection service by filling out the corresponding authorization form.


1. At spending in the hospitality industry of Residence de Eese you can collect- date to be determined - by each euro spent up to 5 friends credited points on your guest pass. Two-thirds of these points you can drop off during special actions, which are announced via The actions are offered for the Guests pass holder completely without obligation. A third part of your points will be used by Residence de Eese to social goals (big or small) with the intention to give the underprivileged/disabled people a (financial) contribution to make - thanks in part to your contribution-a holiday stay at Residence de Eese possible. The expenditure of contributions will be made with respect for the privacy of those involved.
2. Possibly balance or saved points registered on the pass, may not be exchanged for cash. The redemption period is set at 13 months, not spent points are forfeited automatically.
3. The collected points can be seen through your personal log-in account on the website


1. At presumption of abuse or fraudulent act with the guest pass, Residence De Eese is entitled a to the guest pass linked privilege not to provide and/or an advantage privilege to recover from the pass holder.


1. All offers are on our website Changes in price and model as well as typesetting errors and type errors are expressly reserved. In the prices are potentially mentioned discount percentages already processed. All prices are incl. VAT and are in euros, unless stated otherwise.


1. Residence De Eese BV does not accept any liability for loss or theft of the guest pass nor for unauthorized use of and/or fraudulent act with the guest pass. In case of disagreement regarding to the balance on the card is, subject of evidence provided, the administration at Residence de Eese decisive.


1. The by the guest pass holder filled in personal data and the purchases of the Guests pass holder are recorded in the data file of Friends of De Eese guest pass's of which Residence De Eese is holder of and will be treated confidentially. Of the guest pass holder is a picture taken for the purpose of preventing fraud with the pass. Residence De Eese can use the data for analytical purposes and for informing Guests pass holders on additional benefits. Personal information is never provided to third parties by Residence De Eese, unless Residence De Eese legally is obligated. 
Residence de Eese can provide personal information to the guests pass holder regarding to the Friends of the Eese guest pass. This is done on the basis of the at Residence De Eese registered standing data. When the data of the guest pass holder change, one should let Residence De Eese know so that the guest pass data file is up to date and continues. Upon termination of participation in the program by the guests pass holder, his or her guest pass information will be removed from the file.


1. The card remains the property of the Residence De Eese. If the access pass is lost or stolen you are required to report this in writing or by email to Residence De Eese BV. After this you can require a replacement card. You have to pay € 10,00 for the new (replacement) pass.


1. For the pass with access control of the barrier you have to pay a deposit of € 30,00. This can be cash or pin. Only with the return of the old pass the deposit will be refunded. Please state your bank details in the refund form. The pass is blocked after payment of the deposit.


1. Residence De Eese reserves the right to make changes/additions to these terms and conditions to apply. The current terms are online on By using the Friends of the Eese guest pass the guest pass holder lets know to agree to the terms. If any provision in these terms and conditions to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal is found, the remaining provisions of the terms remain in full force and effect. Dutch law is applicable to these conditions. Any disputes arising out of these terms and conditions shall be brought before the Court in Zwolle.


1. By accepting the pass you agree in accepting the costs which will be made by you, and the associated payment terms.


1. The Dutch law is applicable. In the event of any dispute, which the parties are not be able to solve jointly is the Court in the district in which the park is located, has jurisdiction.