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From Residence de Eese you can start several beautiful routes. Explore the area with a mountainbike, (E)- bike, E-sloop in Giethoorn or on foot.
Boat rental

Rent a boat in Giethoorn and explore the Venice of the North.
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De Orchideeënhoeve
Visitors can explore how plants and animals survive, seduce and work together in a thematised way.
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Click here to explore the full collection of important information about Giethoorn.
Tamman indonesia
Taman Indonesia is a small zoo in Kallenkote in Overijssel. The park is specialised in animals from Indonesia.
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Traditional Dutch bowling
Explore one of our special arrangements in combination with tradition Dutch bowling.
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National nature parks
In the nearby surroundings you can enjoy a beauty of nature in one of the natural parks: Weerribben-Wieden, Drents- Fries Wold and Dwingelerveld.
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Butterfly paradise Papilorama

Enjoy the exotic, colorful flying jewels from nature in a specially build tropical rainforest. 
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Did you know that the dolmens are the oldest monuments from the Netherlands? They were build from boulders which drifted to Drenthe during the Ice age.
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Climbing forest Paasloo
Experience an amazing adventure nearby National Park de Weerribben at Climbingforest Paasloo. Read more
Bowlingcenter Tuk

Do you want to experience a really fun outing? Enjoy the ambiance, game and delicious snacks at the bowlingcentre! Click here for more information.


Step into the footsteps of the first colonists at Museum de Proefkolonie in Frederiksoord! Read more

Historic cities and villages
Explore the historic cities and villages in the nearby area of Residence de Eese. Be suprised by the beautiful area of Steenwijk. Click here for more information.
Rams Woerthe
Step into the Downtown Abbey of Overijssel and experience how it is to live like family Tromp Meesters in Rams Woerthe. Click here for more information.
Swimmingpool Steenwijk
Ready to take a dive into a swimming pool? Play a game in the competition pool, relax in the bubblebath or glide off the interactive slide. It is all possible at De Waterwyck. Click here for more information or contact the reception for more information.
Play and ice-cream farm de Drentse Koe
An indoor- and outdoor playground with a 'farmtheme'. A hotspot for kids to explore and have fun. 
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De kabouterkoning
The gnomeking is turning a 100 years! He is giving a huge birthdayparty, are you joining the party? Read more
Go play indoor Meppel
At Go Play Indoor Meppel you can safely jump on the trampoline, play a game at the indoor soccerfield and climb on the monkey bars. Read more
Museum De Fundatie Zwolle
Museum de Fundatie has a broad collection of fine art. Explore this extraordinary museum in the hanseatic city of Zwolle. Read more
Shopping in Meppel
Stroll along the many locals stores and boutiques. Explore the historic city centre with characteristic canals, streets and plazas. Read more
Bakery museum Hattem
At the Veluwe, on the shore of the Ijssel, in the picturesque fortified city Hattem is the biggest Bakerymuseum of the Netherlands. Click here for more information.